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by Matt on December 2, 2010

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To the links!

The big hot stove news, according to a tweet from Yahoo’s Tim Brown (via Craig Calcaterra at Hardball Talk), is the Red Sox are sitting down to talk with free agent outfielder Carl Crawford.  Unfortunately Brown doesn’t say what it is they’re talking about.  Carl’s grandma’s recipe for blueberry dumplings, perhaps?  Scott Brown of Yahoo! (via MLB Trade Rumors) tweets Boston has a meeting scheduled with super agent Scott Boras, who represents both Adrian Beltre and Jayson Werth.  I assume they’ll be comparing dumpling recipes then as well.

Remember yesterday when Yahoo’s Jeff Passan reported Zack Greinke would happily accept a trade to the Yankees?  Never mind.  Hardball Talk’s Craig Calcaterra (I’m not trying to steal his job, I promise!) passes on a tweet from the Globe’s Nick Carfardo, the gist of which I will attempt to sum up: Greinke would never, ever, ever, h-h-h-hever in a million billion googillion light years go to New York.  So put the rent money on Greinke being traded to the Yankees before the week is out.  More on this story as it breaks.

If you’ll be in the Boston area on December 11th you should consider hanging at Fenway Park for the eighth annual Christmas at Fenway event.  Red Sox of all stripes – players, coaches, front office people – will be there, you can buy tickets to next seasons Red Sox games and you’ll be eligible to win various prizes.  Mention my name and get no discount what so ever!  Peter Abraham has more specifics.

We must have reached “O’” in the alphabet because MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann has written a post on Derek Jeter.  Olbermann goes on the hunt for a non-Yankee fit for the shortstop and comes up with three possible destinations: Baltimore, St. Louis and San Francisco.  I’m not sure why Jeter would go to Baltimore unless he has an heretofore unknown fetish for losing.  The other two make sense in a ‘if the Yankees organization ceased to exist tomorrow’ kind of way.  The truth is, once you move past the Yankees, there really isn’t another option for Jeter.  At some point the Yankees are going to throw in a set of coasters and Jeter is going to sign on the dotted line because no other team is going to come close to 3 years/$15 million per for a 37 year old shortstop.

Finally, from The Beacon’s Unsubstantiated Rumor Headquarters (URHQ), Division of Some Guy On A Message Board Wrote Something (DSGOAMBWS), Sons of Sam Horn commenter RedOctober3826 said his brother ran into Theo Epstein, Jayson Werth and Terry Francona at the Chicago O’Hare Airport Hilton last night.  Which is strange because I could swear I just saw those three doing Irish Car Bombs at a bar yesterday here in Portland, OR.

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Ari Collins December 2, 2010 at 12:18 pm

I’m hugely in favor of them signing Werth, so that vague bit of hearsay makes me more than vaguely happy.


Matt December 2, 2010 at 2:05 pm

I’d choose Werth over Crawford, but my preference is to give Kalish a shot and spend the money elsewhere.


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