Daily Links – Adrian Gonzalez Edition

by Matt on December 6, 2010

in Red Sox

Daily Links has run in this space for less than a week so I wasn’t sure if we would have a Sunday edition or not.  On Friday night I wrote to Marc and Sully saying that I’d probably hold off “unless something important happened.”  Yes I really wrote that.  Obviously something important happened.  Then it didn’t.  Then it did.  Kind of.  Then, maybe not?  Then I think…so maybe…?  It was a confusing day for those of us who spent it with one hand hitting refresh and the other stuffing snacky smores into our faces.

The upshot was the Red Sox did, in fact, send Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo, Reymond Fuentes and a player to be named later to San Diego for Adrian Gonzalez.  I direct your attention back a post or two to The Beacon’s write up on the deal.  Marc goes into detail on what Gonzalez can mean for the Sox as well as what the Sox are giving up to bring him east.

As you might expect, the Red Sox blogosphere is buzzing, and in some spots, over-heating.  Somehow, The Joy of Sox, Firebrand of the AL, and Surviving Grady all survived the Great Gonzalez Crisis of 2010 and are here to tell you all about it.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the sixty page (and growing) thread on the deal at Sons of Sam Horn.  If you have several hours to kill and feel like reliving the whole thing I highly suggest it.

Alex Speier of WEEI.com has a comprehensive write up on the day’s mess events.  FOXsports’ Jon Paul Morosi and Gordon Edes of ESPNBoston.com have pieces on the chronology of events and what will happen going forward.  Jeff Passan of Yahoo says this deal cements the Red Sox as big, bad bullies just like the Yankees.

Dave Cameron of Fangraphs looks at the decision the Red Sox front office must have had to make: Adrian or Adrian (Gonzalez or Beltre)?  Because the financial parameters haven’t been sorted out, there is no right answer yet according to Cameron, but if the Red Sox can get Gonzalez signed to a reasonable contract they’ll probably have made the correct choice.

As for the guys going to San Diego, Soxprospects.com has them as Boston’s first, third and sixteenth best prospects as well as other information including write-ups, stats and comparables.  Fangraph’s Marc Hulet provides some further scouting on the new Padres.  To him, Kelly, Rizzo and Fuentes immediately become three of the top four prospects in the Padres system.  Alex Speier chimes back in with his take on the three ex-Sox and attempts to answer the question, “Is he replaceable?” for each.  In short, the answers are “no, but maybe”, “already happened”, and “I think so”.  You’ll have to read the article to see which is which.

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