Daily Links – Try Hard Not To Swear Edition

by Matt on December 7, 2010

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Link time!

A quick reminder to check out the Beacon’s own Marc Normandin as he chats today, Tuesday, at 1pm EST over at Baseball Prospectus.  Marc is known for his marathon-length chats, so even if you slept in and are getting to work a few hours late, take an early lunch and head on over to talk some baseball.  Tell him Matt sent ya and get 15% off the non-existent fee!

The Red Sox’s acquisition of Adrian Gonzalez, it seems, is being nearly universally acclaimed.  In a glowing review of Theo Epstein’s latest work, Christina Kahrl and Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus explain what the deal means for both teams involved.  Kahrl handles the Red Sox and the two tag-team the Padres. (subscription required)

The Beacon’s own Sully was a featured guest on the latest edition of Fangraphs Audio where host Carson Cistulli claimed he had Sully on the podcast because, “he wants to.”  That’s power, people. Also, Cistulli called the rest of us here at the Beacon “smart” by which I assume he meant Marc and Ryan, but which also accidentally includes me.  Mr. Cistulli: I am humbled, good sir.

If you, like I, was wondering why the Red Sox would trade for pitcher Andrew Miller and then non-tender him a few weeks later, WEEI’s Alex Speier gives us the only logical reason: money.

Speier also has the goods on Theo Epstein’s State of the Sox speech (wasn’t really a speech) during which Epstein removed his shoe and pounded it against the podium (didn’t happen).  The Sox are hoping to improve their bullpen and add a right handed hitting outfielder.

The Pinstriped Bible – because a good fan always knows what the enemy is thinking – gives their review on the Gonzalez swap.  New Bibler and long time BP’er Jay Jaffe thinks the Sox did well for themselves, but are holding off on announcing Gonzalez’s extension for luxury tax reasons, which he labels, “a steaming pile of horse manure.”

Speaking of steaming piles of horse manure and right handed hitting outfielders, Ken Rosenthal’s column on the Nationals signing of Jayson Werth is wonderfully headlined “Bat **** Crazy” on Fox’s main page.  Sadly clicking on it softens the title to, “Boras gets insane contract for Werth”.  To be clear, yes it does say “****” and not what you’re thinking, and yes, the title is what I’m referring to when I say “speaking of excrement”, not Rosenthal’s column, which is his usual good stuff.  Got all that?  No?  Me neither.

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