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by Matt on January 13, 2011

in Red Sox

After writing 10,000 words yesterday, we’re streamlining DL today.  GO!

Link time!

Its been a roller-coaster on the Andy Pettitte front today.  First it was reported that Andy Pettitte was not going to pitch for the Yankees at the start of the 2011 season.  The NY Daily News was first on that scene but due to what I’m about to say it seems the article has been pulled.  While they said he wouldn’t pitch to start the season, it was implied Pettitte might pull a Clemens and come back to the Yankees sometime mid-season, causing Suzyn Waldman to create a sound so piercing that dog whistles would explode all over the New York Metro area.  Then, it was revealed that Brian Cashman misspoke and Pettitte was straight retired.  Sure, he could come back at any point, but nothing had been discussed and the Yankees were moving on.  Jon Heyman then tweeted he still thought, even though Pettitte was retired, that he’d pitch sometime in 2011.  Then it was revealed that, actually, all of it was a miss-communication and nothing has changed at all since yesterday.  So the Yankees are still waiting for Pettitte to make his decision.  Just like a real roller-coaster you end up right were you started.  I think Brian Cashman woke up this morning, rolled over and said to his wife, “Watch this.”

Friend of the Beacon and creator of the inexplicably named Jonah Keri Podcast, Jonah Keri debuted as a writer for Fangraphs on Wednesday with a piece called The Success Cycle is full of crap.  As if I didn’t need another reason to refresh Fangraphs twenty times a day.  Mr. Keri’s new piece argued an earlier work, called The Success Cycle, was full of… um… some stuff.  The author of that earlier work?  Lets just call him “Schmonah Schmeri”.

Speaking of Jonah Keri and his alter ego, Mr. Keri was kind enough to speak with our own Sully yesterday.  I’m sure its a great interview, and I just ordered Mr. Keri’s new book yesterday on Amazon (get your copy here!) so you know I’m a fan, but I didn’t have time to read the interview yet as I had to spend 120% of my yesterday blowing my nose instead.

Finally, do you miss Bronson Arroyo?  Because he sure misses you.  In this article by the Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman, Arroyo says he still thinks of Boston as home and would be quite happy to come back and pitch for the Red Sox when his contract expires after 2013.  The article also has this great quote from Theo Epstein on the Arroyo trade for whom the Sox received Wily Mo Pena, “We whiffed on Wily Mo, which is fitting.”

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