Daily Links – The Babe Ruth Edition

by Matt on April 6, 2011

in Red Sox

Yesterday’s loss puts the Red Sox in the unenviable position of looking to Daisuke Matsuzaka to stop the Poopypants Express, my wife’s name for my Red Sox-induced lousy mood which I just made up.  The PE is both picking up steam and ruining my wife’s week.  Like yesterday it kicked the laundry basket.  Hard.  It must be stopped.  In its defense though, Josh Tomlin or Tom Joshlin or Lin Tomjosh made the Red Sox look like Babe Ruth.  I say Babe Ruth not because he was the greatest player ever, but because he’s dead.  And yes, demeaning the winning pitcher by purposely butchering his name does make me feel a bit better, thank you.  I’m very childish.

Link time!

WEEI.com’s Rob Bradford has some notes on the game and while not all of them are of a negative nature, I think that might be a stylistic decision.  As you might expect, the players were not happy about yesterday’s loss, but they weren’t overly upset either.  Friend of The Beacon Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal accuses the Red Sox, like the fans in Cleveland, of not showing up for the game.  Like my estranged uncle “Open Sore” Larry at the family picnic, I’m sure they were there, but it might have been better if they weren’t.

Now here is an assortment of simultaneously depressing and fun stats (minus the fun part)!  The Globe’s Peter Abraham shares that no 0-4 team has ever gone on to win the World SeriesBrian MacPherson tells us not only are the Sox losing, but they’re losing their plate discipline.  And, if you’re one of those people who drives very slowly past a car crash, I hate you.  But more to the point, you’ll just love looking at the Red Sox individual stats so far.  For my money it’s hard to beat Marco Scutaro’s slash line of .000/.000/.000, but go ahead and give it a try!

Writing at ESPN Boston, Sox Prospects’ Mike Andrews takes a look at the second basemen in the Red Sox system.  There are some interesting players who, thanks to Dustin Pedroia, are destined to play second base somewhere else.  ProJo’s Tim Britton also checks in with the Red Sox top minor league prospect, Jose Iglesias, who is slated to start the year at AAA Pawtucket.

Dave Allen, at Baseball Analysts, looks at how the different projection systems predict the division standings.  He then graphs the results.  Then he makes orangeade out of them.  The Red Sox and Rangers are the only teams predicted to win the division in each system.  Yes, even the unstoppable juggernaut that is the Kansas City Royals don’t get all first place finishes.  Or actually any.

Always ones to focus on the positive, Surviving Grady notes that the Sox managed to get through Tuesday night’s game without giving up a homer, which is certainly worthy of a golf clap.  [golf clap]  They go on to note that when Matsuzaka gets the win he is 46-0.  Here’s hoping he keeps that streak alive on Wednesday.  Wait… what?

Finally, I’ve always kind of rooted for the old manufacturing cities.  It’s good for baseball when the Indians, Pirates or Orioles do well.  Then I saw a picture of last night’s crowd.  It makes you wonder if anyone in Cleveland is even paying attention.

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