Daily Links – The Meteor Edition

by Matt on April 5, 2011

in Red Sox

After a day spent thinking about college basketball, hockey, baby puke, and babies (in that order) I’m willing and eager to get back to the meteor that is the 2011 Boston Red Sox.

Link time!

In attempting to get past this past weekend’s events in Texas, it may be helpful to take a look at Sully’s piece yesterday here at The Beacon.  But if that doesn’t drive the point home, you can read the Globe’s Peter Abraham, or WEEI.com’s Alex Speier.  Friend of The Beacon Chad Finn also has a good take on the situation.  The theme is the same: put down the sporks, remove the tuba from the microwave, and please, in the name of all that is holy, step away from that house plant.  In short, don’t panic.

That same theme is resonating with the Red Sox themselves.  Allan at Joy of Sox has a compilation of quotes from Red Sox players about the debacle in Texas.  Fortunately, not one of them said, “Season’s over.  I’m head’n home to drink bourbon and watch the Dukes of Hazard on DVD.  See ya next year!”  Unlike the irate callers on talk radio, the players know it’s a long season and they know how to tie their own shoelaces without drenching them in spittle.  Three games, while not insignificant, shouldn’t be blown out of proportion.  Still, you can’t be happy about it.  In that vein, WEEI.com’s Alex Speier spoke with Clay Buchholz who is neither happy nor overly concerned about this past weekend.

It should be noted that the Red Sox weren’t the only team to give up about a billion homers this past weekend.  Fan Graphs’ Joe Pawlikowski has the rundown on a weekend the International Brotherhood of Pitchers is calling Little Bighorny (they are pro athletes, after all).

Rob Neyer asks the immortal question, “How can I fit into these pants if I eat all this pudding?”  Nope.  Trying again, Rob Neyer asks the immortal question, “Is Adrian Gonzalez the best player in the American League?”  It’s a question that you might be tempted to dismiss out of hand, but Mr. Neyer’s question was brought on by an article from The Joe Posnanski, who sets about to name the 32 best baseball players for the 2011 season.  Mr. Posnanski ranks Adrian Gonzalez third, making him the highest ranking American League player (thus the title of Mr. Neyer’s piece), ahead of Miguel Cabrera, Evan Longoria, and Robinson Cano, not to mention Youkilis and Pedroia.  Take a look at how well Gonzalez has hit on the road over the past several years and then see how crazy the idea is.

Corey Dawkins, writing with The Beacon’s own Marc Normandin at Baseball Prospectus, wonders if an underlying injury is the cause for Phil Hughes’ velocity loss.

USA Today has released it’s yearly rundown of team payrolls.  The Red Sox come in third, $41 million behind the first place Yankees and $11 million behind the second place Phillies.  The Sox are $23 million higher than the fourth place Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Aaron Gleeman has commentary over at Hardball Talk.

Finally, Surviving Grady is pretty sure Josh Beckett will deliver the “badassery” necessary to cut into the Orioles’ commanding AL East lead.  By the way, guaranteed money loser: bet on the last part of that sentence appearing anytime after May.

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Ari Collins April 5, 2011 at 5:10 am

USA Today’s payrolls are always incomplete, and this year is no exception. For example, it doesn’t count Kei Igawa, because he terrible’d himself to the minors. Nor does it count the money the Mets are paying Ollie and Louie. Nor does it count the money the Phillies are receiving from the implausibly inept Astros for the pain of taking Roy Oswalt off their hands. Cot’s is, as always, a much better source.

(We’re still 3rd in spending, though.)


Ben April 5, 2011 at 9:17 am

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