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Red Sox Should Include Lowrie in the Line-Up


Jed Lowrie may have been thought of or seen as an average newcomer when he joined the team at first. But, he’s a pretty solid player and should be included in this season’s line up. In this post we’ll share some key considerations why we believe Lowrie is a great player.

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Lowrie completed his Bachelor’s degree in political science at Stanford shortly after joining the Red Sox. This is a man with a bit more substance than what any Red Sox supporters might expect. Even though he’s had a couple of rough seasons and a very bad wrist injury, his career in MBL is looking very bright.

Notable Setbacks

Even though Lowrie has been impressing crowds and Red Sox supporters, he’s had a bit of a rough bout with serious wrist injuries which left him incapacitated to perform satisfactorily. If that hadn’t been enough, the poor kid also had mononucleosis which also impaired his skills.

Why Lowrie Needs to Play

Not only does he have an above average hitter (especially when it comes to lefties), but he is also a very versatile player. He’s grown accustomed to playing in all four infield positions, meaning he’ll be the man to have around if there is a serious injury. Not to mention his .324 career average in hitting lefties!

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And that’s a wrap! Do you agree that Lowrie should play next season? Let us know if you disagree with any of our findings and if you found our favorite betting sites to be as good as we’ve made them out to be.