A Taste of First Place

by Marc on May 27, 2011

in Red Sox

Now, let’s not get all overly excitable–and don’t tell me you weren’t considering it. I know how doom-and-gloomy everyone got after the 0-6 start and the 2-10 record in the first 12 games, so the reverse situation (with joy replacing horror) is certainly plausible.

But that discussion isn’t important right now. Let’s take a moment to just enjoy the aesthetics, shall we?

Boston is 26-12 since the 2-10 start, for a .684 win percentage. That is 110 wins over a full season. Now, just like the 2-10 start wasn’t the Red Sox, this pace may not be either, but it’s sure closer to the truth of this team’s talent than their .167 win percentage was.

Enjoy the moment, because with the division as close as it is–and is expected to remain–sitting in first place isn’t a guaranteed thing.

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