Carl Crawford’s “Improvement”

by Sully on May 17, 2011

in Red Sox

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After recapping Saturday night’s win in the Bronx, I mentioned in passing that Carl Crawford‘s “resurgence” had been encouraging, if gradual. That prompted commenter BigNachos to point out that when you look a little deeper, Crawford might actually be hitting worse in May than he did in April. An updated version of what he posted in the comment:


April 4.8 17.5 .177 .072
May 1.6 19.4 .360 .081
Career 5.4 14.4 .329 .146
2008-2010 7.0 14.5 .330 .156


There are two takeaways. One, Crawford isn’t really improving at all, and two, he’s way off both his career marks and his All-Star caliber offensive contributions of the last few seasons. I doubt he’s suddenly become bad at baseball, so I suspect we will see the very good Crawford before long. But that doesn’t mean we have to gloss over the fact that he continues to look awful at the plate.

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Jake May 17, 2011 at 2:06 pm

The only way to cancel out the never-ending joy I’ve received from the AGon-Ichiro .gif that’s circulating Twitter would be to make a .gif of the way Crawford drops his head in disappointment every time he puts a weakly hit ball in play.

I do think he’ll come around, but man, it’s hard to watch.


BigNachos May 17, 2011 at 6:51 pm

It’s funny, Crawford’s and AGon’s “plate discipline” numbers on fangraphs are almost identical across the board. O-Swing%, Z-Swing%, SwStr%, they’re all basically identical. The only notable difference is Crawford naturally sees more pitches inside the strike zone since pitchers are a lot less afraid of him. AGon’s walk rate is down a bit this year, but it’s still above average. Crawford’s is… well, at least he walks more than Vlad Guerrero…

It’s amazing the difference the type of contact makes.


Carl May 17, 2011 at 2:29 pm

he’s also put up a neat .192 / .192 / .192 line in his last 26 at bats.


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