Red Sox Beacon Podcast – Episode 3: Billy Beane Take What He Wants

by Matt on May 5, 2011

in Red Sox

An exciting evening of Red Sox Beacon podcasting took place last night in my kitchen. It was there that Marc and I spoke with Aaron Gleeman of and NBC’s Hardball Talk about the Minnesota Twins and their upcoming weekend series with the Red Sox. We tossed in a bit of baseball philosophy too as Aaron discoursed on what it’s like to root for a team that sees baseball differently than he does, and we entirely re-wrote the script for the upcoming Moneyball movie. You’re welcome.

We also fixed several of the technical difficulties that have plagued the podcast over the last few weeks. For example, you should now be able to hear everyone and in both ears. Exciting, no? Unfortunately, we managed to replace those difficulties with a somewhat larger and more perplexing issue, as my computer, hungry for genius, swallowed whole the 40 minute segment Marc and I recorded on the Red Sox. Damn the thing to hell. And apparently that wasn’t enough destruction as the beast also ate the very end of our wonderful interview with Aaron Gleeman, including the part where I ask Aaron if there is any truth to the rumor he changed his name from Zed so as to place his blog at the top of blogrolls everywhere. (He claims the rumors are false, for the record.)

Fortunately, through my technical savvy and more luck than a Francisco Liriano no-hitter, we were able to salvage that interview, and we bring it to you today with our compliments. Special thanks to Aaron Gleeman for his time, patience, and insight.

It should be further stated that the podcast is now available on iTunes, where you can subscribe or download any of our three episodes for free. So many choices! Just go to the iTunes store, click on ‘podcasts’ and search for ‘Red Sox Beacon’ and we should pop right up. Alternately you can just wait for my witty posts containing the ol’ embedded podcast player, just like the one Grandpa used to use, as seen below.

As always, we welcome your feedback on the podcast and thanks for listening.

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