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Are you passionate about baseball? Do you love wagering and winning equally? Why not contribute to our site? If you are an expert on the topic, we’d love to hear from you! Or, if you have an interesting opinion on the Crawford incident at Fenway back in 2012, we’d love to hear that too.

We’re always looking for fresh new voices and perspectives, on any subject regarding the MLB or online sports betting, so why not give it a shot?

There are of course a couple of things you’ll have to keep in mind before hitting that send button and risk not getting your work published. Let’s go through our editor’s guideline for new writers who wants to join our team.

  • Please refrain from sending work that has been previously published, not even if it’s been published in print.


  • We only consider submissions that features great grammar and shows that the writer has proofread and checked his/her work.


  • Your work should be in line with our current voice and add value to our readership’s lives. All submissions should be written with the prime focus of engaging readers.


  • The maximum length of all submission is 600 words, and the minimum is 350 words. If you submit an article that is shorter, kindly submit more than one so that we can get a feel for your writing style.

Your work should cover any of the following topics:

  • Online Betting
  • Baseball Betting
  • Betting Guides
  • Betting News
  • Baseball News
  • Red Sox News

Go to our contact page and get in touch if you would like to find out more about how you can start contributing to Red Sox Beacon.