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Thoughts From Wednesday’s Game

by Marc on May 19, 2011

in Red Sox

Clay Buchholz looked great Wednesday, going seven innings with seven strikeouts, just one walk allowed, and no runs given up. He did, however, throw 127 pitches in the outing–between pitches being fouled off and a few balls that could have been strikes, his seventh and final frame ended up being his most difficult. He escaped [...]


Thither Clay Buchholz’s Fastball

by Marc on May 16, 2011

in Red Sox

What was lost just a few weeks ago has been found. Clay Buchholz’s fastball, while still not the blistering mid-90s hell beast it is capable of being, is moving faster than it was in April, and the results have been what we want out of the young hurler. Buchholz has dropped his ERA from 5.33 [...]


It’s always a circus when the Red Sox and Yankees get together. Apparently this applies to the minor leagues as well. For what ever reason though, last night’s game in the Bronx stands out as an exception. Maybe it was the lack of a national television network, with their eight minute commercial breaks, showing the [...]


Clay Buchholz still isn’t picking up the strikeouts we would like to see, but at least in his 6 2/3 innings last night against the Angels he was able to limit the walks to just a pair. The ball also stayed in the yard, and he induced 14 groundballs against 10 flyballs–when 25 percent of [...]


Notes On Sunday’s Improbable Win

by Matt on May 2, 2011

in Red Sox

The Red Sox finally pulled out a close one on Sunday.  Carl Crawford managed what seemed like his first hit of the season.  It wasn’t.  It was his seventeenth.  The Jed Lowrie was on third base at the time and there were two outs in the bottom of the ninth making Crawford’s hit of the [...]


Whither Clay Buchholz’s Fastball?

by Marc on April 28, 2011

in Red Sox

Clay Buchholz has not looked himself during his first five starts of the 2011 season. His early season Run Average is 5.66, nearly three full runs above last year’s RA–it was expected there would be a rise in that figure, but this is far more than what it should have been by about two runs. [...]


It’s not good form to whine about umpires.  There will be bad calls on both sides (though far more good than bad) and over a long season it will even out.  So despite the hilarious title of this post, what I’m about to write isn’t intended as umpire criticism. With the preamble out of the [...]


An Optimistic Oakland Split

by Marc on April 21, 2011

in Red Sox

The Red Sox split their mid-week two-game series in Oakland, but there are reasons to be hopeful about both contests, regardless of outcome. Specifically, the performance of John Lackey continued the recent trend that was discussed earlier in the week–that of the Red Sox starting pitching finally performing like it is supposed to–and success against [...]


It’s Just One Weekend, But…

by Marc on April 18, 2011

in Red Sox

The Red Sox have won two of the first three games of this weekend’s series against the Blue Jays, doubling their win total for the season. Yes, that is kind of sad to write on April 18, but, let’s remember that they are just five games out of first (and 2.5 games out of second) [...]

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The Buchholz Extension

by Marc on April 11, 2011

in Red Sox

A little under a month-and-a-half ago, we discussed the possibility of Clay Buchholz signing an extension with Boston, and what that would mean both in terms of the Red Sox’s future and whether or not Buchholz was worth the cost. It seemed a necessary move for Boston, given the rotation has just the one team-friendly [...]