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Daniel Bard

During a losing streak, labeling an individual game is difficult.  Saying it was another tough loss is not only obvious but belies the Red Sox struggles as complete and finished.  There is danger in tomorrow’s game, one in which the result is yet to be determined.  After each loss since about 0-3 we’ve said ‘this [...]


The wife and I went to look at a house today.  We were excited about it, then I had a conversation with my dad.  My dad is one of those practical people who want others to be prepared when entering into important life altering financial decisions.  In the end we decided not to buy the [...]

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A while back I went out on a serious limb, put my rep on the line, and predicted that Albert Pujols’ contract situation would be a big news story.  Turns out I was right.  Aren’t you impressed? Link time! The above linked article is by Bob Nightengale of USAToday who reports that Pujols in a [...]


Clay Buchholz showed up to Fort Myers on Friday wearing a shirt that says “MRI” on the front (seen here).  That is either ballsy like wearing a “dropout” t-shirt to the first day of kindergarten or it’s asking for trouble like wearing a t-shirt that says “My daddy thinks my kindergarten teacher is hot” to [...]


Bringing Relief to the Pen

by Marc on September 29, 2010

in Red Sox

With the Red Sox officially out of playoff contention, we can close the book on what needs to be done in the 2010 season and instead focus on what Boston should be looking to do for 2011. Most of the problems from this past year can be attributed to injuries–even with those problems, they were [...]



by Sully on September 21, 2010

in Red Sox

Red Sox fans no longer seem engaged, so now you see things like this ESPNBoston blog entry from Gordon Edes telling us why we should keep watching through the end. I’m cool with that, and I actually enjoyed the read. This season seems to be dragging on, and frankly, I have not been following as [...]


When Theo Epstein took over as General Manager of the Red Sox prior to the 2003 season, he decided to try something radical that really wasn’t radical at all. He would assemble as strong a bullpen as he could, and then leave it to Grady Little to deploy the pieces as he saw fit depending [...]