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Jonathan Papelbon

One day in and my bracket looks like the face of any member of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Link time! Is there a papelproblem?  (I know, I’m sorry.)  There just might be, says the Globe’s Peter Abraham.  Mr. Abraham notes the Sox closer has allowed a Masuzakaian 7 runs in 5 innings while [...]


Jonathan Papelbon & Incentive Alignment

by Sully on February 14, 2011

in Red Sox

In this morning’s Globe, we have Dan Shaughnessy trying to create a story out of Jonathan Papelbon’s imminent departure. Shaughnessy’s sort of a jerk (shocker) in the way he handles his interview with Pap, but the premise of his article still stands. It’s very likely Papelbon is gone after 2011. This is some straight-talk from [...]


I went to the batting cages today.  Within three swings I shattered my bat, tore my batting glove, and ripped the top layer of skin off my hand.  Baseball season can’t come soon enough. Link time! In his Sunday Notes column, Nick Carfardo passes along an ostensibly interesting note from’s John Heyman, that the [...]


Through my years I’ve found that the only way to actually accomplish anything in life is to sit down and do it.  No excuses, no breaks, no time wasting, just sit it down and get it done.  And that’s totally true.  Of course, I could also eat hummus and pretzels and watch old episodes of [...]


Daily Links – Mainstream Media Edition

by Matt on December 22, 2010

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Today at the Daily Links Bunker 1,000 feet below the Red Sox Beacon compound, we’re ignoring all those pesky weblogs and all their smartish statisticry and focusing on mainstream media links. Link time! Chad Finn of the Boston Globe has written his annual Bill James projections column in which he finds potentially positive projections predicting [...]


As I write this I’m wearing my new wool semi-long sleeve 1918 Red Sox uniform.  You may call that ‘Challenging The Baseball Gods’, I call it ‘Staying Warm’. Link time!’s Ian Browne has an inside look at the details and history of the Adrian Gonzalez trade.  Mr. Browne begins back when Epstein was a [...]


Daily Links – Weekend Edition

by Matt on December 4, 2010

in Red Sox

Welcome to the Saturday edition of Daily Links.  Ever see the episode of The West Wing where they hold all the really negative and salacious announcements until Saturday’s paper because that’s the one nobody reads?  This is like that. The big news (mentioned in yesterday’s Daily Links) was the reported attempt by the Red Sox [...]

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A lot of things went wrong for the Red Sox in 2010. The injuries, the underachievement, the occasional personnel gaffe by Tito, it all added up to a disappointing season. A lot of that is beyond Boston front office management’s control, but one flaw they have to own is the bullpen’s failure in 2010. It [...]


Bringing Relief to the Pen

by Marc on September 29, 2010

in Red Sox

With the Red Sox officially out of playoff contention, we can close the book on what needs to be done in the 2010 season and instead focus on what Boston should be looking to do for 2011. Most of the problems from this past year can be attributed to injuries–even with those problems, they were [...]


What to do With Papelbon?

by Marc on August 17, 2010

in Red Sox

After watching yet another Jonathan Papelbon meltdown last week against the Toronto Blue Jays, there were various people on Twitter wondering if Paps was a candidate to be non-tendered by the Boston Red Sox–that is, the Sox may not offer him a contract for the 2011 season, instead making him a free agent. This may [...]