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Kevin Youkilis

For those of you who missed the Red Sox game last night–or at least missed the post-rain delay portions of it–here is something you won’t find in the box score, but is more interesting than anything contained within it. Before 2 am, with Kevin Youkilis at the plate, the crowd started to sing a Biz [...]


Game 20 Ramblings

by Sully on April 24, 2011

in Red Sox

The Red Sox won 5-0 last night, their seventh win in eight games, and it was largely because Daisuke Matsuzaka was both dominant and efficient for the second straight outing. The high end of my Matsuzaka expectations rarely exceeds “hopefully he can keep Boston’s excellent offense in the game” but I am getting close to [...]


Some Thoughts On Game 2

by Matt on April 3, 2011

in Red Sox

Two games into a long season is probably too early for themes to emerge.  And yet, it’s hard to ignore meltdowns by two of the Red Sox best starters.  A day after popular Cy Young pick Jon Lester gave up five runs in five innings (including three homers), John Lackey did him one better.  Well, [...]


Reporting live from the side of a baseball field where people are stretching and adjusting their groins, it’s a grown man with a mortgage! Link time! Spring training (I never know whether to capitalize it or not) has finally begun in earnest and so have the spring training reports.  The reports are coming fast and [...]


This is a good one. Two of these guys are members of the Boston Red Sox, two of them are considered among the very best first basemen in baseball. Some quick numbers: Age Career PA’s Career fWAR Tex 31 5,350 36.3 Howard 31 3,765 23.3 Gonzalez 29 3,630 22.0 Youkilis 32 3,292 24.2 As Red [...]

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News came out yesterday that Mike Lowell has been playing since August 20th with a fractured rib. In that span, he’s hit .262/.289/.310 while playing a premium offensive position for the Red Sox hanging on by a thread in the American League playoff chase. As you might imagine, the fact that his presence amounts to [...]


Everybody Try & Relax

by Sully on August 31, 2010

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Fresh off a series loss in St. Pete and with their playoff chances inching from slim towards none, there is a new narrative taking hold here in Boston . It’s difficult to follow but the best I can boil it down to is “The Red Sox knew this was a ‘bridge year’ all along and [...]