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Pedro Martinez

Because it’s late, I’m going to recycle some of my painful cleverness during yesterday’s win.  It took a strike out to see how fast Brett Gardner is.  He got from home plate to the dugout in 3.74 seconds! Link time! You may not have noticed, what with your head buried in the sand and all, [...]


In today’s Boston Globe, Pete Abraham looks at Clay Buchholz and how he outperformed his peripherals last season. One small issue I had with the piece is that Abraham adds little context. You or I might know what he’s talking about, but my suspicion is that not many Globe readers do. The other minor quibble [...]


My Andy Pettitte Memory

by Sully on February 4, 2011

in AL East,Playoff Retrospective

It’s the middle of October 1999, we’re 50 days or so into sophomore year in college when my buddy from back home in suburban Boston, a student in Chapel Hill (I was in Philadelphia) calls me and says “we have to go back to Boston this weekend.” And he was right. We did. The Red [...]


No ado today.  Link time! We’re only a week plus away from the start of Spring Training, so it’s time to break out the projections.  This Sons of Sam Horn thread compiles all the projections for the Red Sox from the Bill James Handbook.  (The projections are freely available on Fangraphs so we’re not stealing [...]


Daily Links – The Trivia Day Edition

by Matt on January 18, 2011

in Red Sox

Since I’ve been watching reruns of TV Funhouse I’m making it Trivia Day here at Daily Links.  If you have ever seen the show, you know that there won’t be much trivia on Trivia Day.  Only one question in fact, at the very end.  So gear up for it, but know that unlike TV Funhouse, [...]

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I’m still coming down from the high of watching my Capitals beat the arch rival Penguins in the Winter Classic.  As such, I just watched the first two episodes of HBO’s 24/7 on the Classic.  Each was an hour long, meaning its now midnight on the West Coast and I have to be up in [...]


So it turns out October 16th has been a remarkable calendar date for the Boston Red Sox. Three games in particular stand out , two triumphs and a loss, and I thought I would take a look back. We’re going to pass on Game 5 of the 1975 World Series and Game 3 of the [...]