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Thither Clay Buchholz’s Fastball

by Marc on May 16, 2011

in Red Sox

What was lost just a few weeks ago has been found. Clay Buchholz’s fastball, while still not the blistering mid-90s hell beast it is capable of being, is moving faster than it was in April, and the results have been what we want out of the young hurler. Buchholz has dropped his ERA from 5.33 [...]


We all know Dustin Pedroia as the smack talking, small walking, big swinging, wall ringing second baseman of the Boston Red Sox. We know him as such because, after a tough first month in 2007, Pedroia crushed from May through the World Series, earning Rookie of the Year honors. The next year he didn’t do [...]

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Commence Whining

by Matt on May 7, 2011

in Red Sox

I don’t like to complain about umpires. I don’t like complaining about officiating in any sport. Sure, a bad call can come at an important time and swing a game or even a playoff series, but those events are few and far between. The vast majority of umpires do a great job, even if they [...]


Whither Clay Buchholz’s Fastball?

by Marc on April 28, 2011

in Red Sox

Clay Buchholz has not looked himself during his first five starts of the 2011 season. His early season Run Average is 5.66, nearly three full runs above last year’s RA–it was expected there would be a rise in that figure, but this is far more than what it should have been by about two runs. [...]


Hello and welcome to another episode of Small Sample Size Theatre!  (Motto: You know it’s highbrow because we spelled ‘theater’ wrong.)  This is the show where we blow not-enough-information way out of proportion and then two weeks later after something inevitably happens to completely invalidate the article, we delete it.  You won’t recall previous episodes [...]


It’s not good form to whine about umpires.  There will be bad calls on both sides (though far more good than bad) and over a long season it will even out.  So despite the hilarious title of this post, what I’m about to write isn’t intended as umpire criticism. With the preamble out of the [...]


A Tale of Two Beckett Starts

by Marc on April 11, 2011

in Red Sox

In Josh Beckett‘s first start this year, he went five innings, allowed three runs, threw 106 pitches, struck out four while walking four, and gave up 11 flyballs–mercifully, none of those ended up in the stands. The line score paints a prettier picture than the actual start, though, as Beckett pitched much worse than a [...]

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